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  • [Q]:New environmentally friendly packaging

    [A]: Superior performance and reliable protection

  • [Q]:Achieve good quality

    [A]: Elastic material, cushioning and shockproof

  • [Q]:Environmental protection material

    [A]: Recyclable, non-toxic and tasteless, green life.

  • [Q]:Excellent cushioning performance

    [A]: Reduce the broken rate of the packaging, and protect the built-in intact.

  • [Q]:Excellent thermal insulation

    [A]: The material itself has very low thermal conductivity, which can better protect the product.

  • [Q]:Strong weather resistance

    [A]: Soundproof, shockproof, anti-static, born for packaging.

  • [Q]:Quality packaging materials

    [A]: It can be processed into different styles, appearances, and packaged different products.